Together, we can solve chronic homelessness

On any given night, we know by name at least 140 people in Guelph and Wellington County who identify as homeless. Homelessness is unbearable – and solvable when we work together.

Bringing hope and homes to Guelph-Wellington

The Home for Good Campaign aims to reduce the number of people experiencing chronic homelessness by 50% and build a fund to continue finding solutions as a community.

Solving homelessness starts with listening

Watch compelling videos and read stories from those on the front lines, experiencing or supporting homelessness every day.

A community approach to solving homelessness

On behalf of Guelph-Wellington’s leading anti-poverty group, two trusted leaders in community philanthropy have come together to lead this campaign to support three essential permanent supportive housing projects, and work alongside all agencies to lead the charge to solve homelessness.

Permanent Supportive Housing is a Proven Solution

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is an evidenced-based and cost-effective solution for people who are chronically homeless and/or highly vulnerable because of long-term disabilities such as mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, substance use disorders, and chronic health conditions.

PSH can be further understood by considering each component:

Permanent – Leases are held by tenants without limits on length of stay (PSH is not intended to be transitional or temporary).

Supportive – PSH links rental financial assistance with access to individualized, flexible and voluntary supports to address needs and maintain housing stability. Supports are typically provided by on-site staff and can be accessed 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Housing – PSH usually includes independent units, so people have their own private space, with common spaces that are in one home or building, or in a scattered-site arrangement in which tenants who receive support services live through out the community in housing that can be agency-owned or privately owned.