Bringing hope and homes to Guelph-Wellington

Our campaign is a bold call to action to solve homelessness in our community. Through the generosity of our community, we will raise $5 million to build Homes for Good for people experiencing homelessness in Guelph and Wellington.

The immediate focus is to raise the capital investment required to complete three projects that will contribute 72 supportive housing units in Guelph over the next year. This solution provides people experiencing chronic homelessness with consistent social and emotional supports. Called Permanent Supporting Housing (PSH) this can include programs around mental health, wellness and food security. While not the only solution, PSH is life and system changing.

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To date, investment commitments from all levels of government and other community agencies will realize 80% of funds needed to deliver three PSH projects that will move our community toward a 50% reduction in homelessness. They are Kindle Communities, Stepping Stone and Wyndham House.

Pie Graph of Supportive Housing
A three-segment pie chart shows: Segment 1) Capital Maintenance and Upkeep = 20% (One Million Dollars); Segment 2) Responsive Fund for Future Capital Needs = 20% (One Million Dollars); Segment 3) Complete three permanent Supportive Housing Projects = 60% (Three Million Dollars) for a 100% Total Goal of Five Million Dollars. “The total capital required for three permanent supportive housing projects is being funded through other contributors in addition to the Home for Good campaign.” A table below from left to right reads: 80% Government and Community Agencies; 13% Home for Good Campaign; 7% Skyline Land Donation. This information sums up to a Total Budget of $24,375,000.

Together as a community, we will raise $5 Million to support this important and urgent need. Approximately 60% of the funds raised will be used to complete these projects. We also know these projects will need ongoing capital support for maintenance and updates. That is why we will set aside 20% of the funds raised to ensure these organizations have the resources they need for upkeep and maintenance. This money is just as important as the funds raised for the initial construction as it will allow agencies to ensure these spaces are well maintained, welcoming and dignified places to live.

The final 20% raised will create The Home for Good Responsive Fund. These dollars will be ready for the community to access quickly when new permanent housing solutions arise.

The Home for Good Campaign is a public commitment and invitation to solve homelessness in our community. Guelph and Wellington County have been working hard on this issue for many years and we have the data to show these three projects will go a long way in reaching our goal.